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Make Room For The Triptones (2008)

A mixed bag of thoughts that stem from three stubborn brains.

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The Triptones


Tom has a small basement studio and has been recording Garys solo projects for a few years. Chris and Tom were both members of a punk band out of the New Haven CT area. The RPM challenge was an opportunity for the three to write and record together. We were able to crossover on many instruments and ideas. The experience is worth carrying forward.

Gary Kakley (Wilbraham, Mass) - Sings and plays guitars, bass and keyboards. Gary wrote 3.5 songs for the challenge. Chris Maiorano (East Haven, CT) - Sings and plays drums, bass and percussion. Chris wrote 3 songs for the challenge. Tom Boudreau (Cheshire, CT) - Sings badly and plays guitars, Bass, some keys, harp and some percussion. Tom wrote 3.5 songs for the challenge. Garys kid, Justin, appears as a special guest and sings lead vocals on No More Lonely Nights as well as some back up vocals on Lift Me Up and M.D.M.A.)



Completed Albums

Make Room For The Triptones(2008)

A mixed bag of thoughts that stem from three stubborn brains.

Lift Me Up (T.Boudreau / G. Kakley)
Give It To Me (C. Maiorano)
No More Lonely Nights (G. Kakley)
Busted Again (T. Boudreau)
Shadows (C. Maiorano)
M.D.M.A. (G. Kakley)
Part Of Me (G. Kakley)
Come And Gone (C. Maiorano)
Mountain Song (T. Boudreau)
Gravity (T. Boudreau)